Freaked Out

Anxious? Perplexed? Even terrified? You should be. The UK feels in terminal descent and we are all aboard the roller-coaster and screaming.

We’ve gone ‘post-fact’ where emotion and bluster determine decisions and rationales.

Ability and facts just don’t matter. So, if you’re a discerning person, you’re going to feel confounded.

But help is at hand. Max Frances, author of Flypaper for Freaks and Freaking Hired! is once again on the case, and this time it’s everything from the mundane to the nationally critical that he’s captured, and it’s no holds barred.

Freaked Out is a collection of snapshots of society and Frances’ insight into an ever-vacuous UK with seemingly no plan B. But the truth is that corners were being mercilessly cut well in the past, and the slide has been a long time coming.

From everyday activities like shopping to the generation-changing decisions like Brexit, we’re cocking it up. And our opposition to problems is just as shambolic, which makes the situation beyond worse.

Yet many are simply sitting there sucking it all up. Acceptance and apathy – or a combination of both – have become the most egregious attitudes of the most recent decade.

Bollocks to that. In true Frances style, the devil is in the detail, and the greatest facilitators of chicanery are exposed as empty rationales and the blind acceptance of them. For Max, it’s the bread and butter of shysters when we fail to question the basics.

We’ve exceeded all our previously held red lines to the extent that we are now freaked out in every sense of the term. Even the freaks don’t know which way to turn.

‘Freaked Out’ is a collection of readable and entertaining commentaries that will tickle not only your fancy but also your enthusiasm for change.

But everybody needs to stop accepting. Start fighting back, even if that means winning a few smaller battles that stick it up ‘em.

Crowds are for entertainment and spectacles, not for sound judgment and decision-making. Follow them at your peril.

Only dead fish go with the flow.

Keep attacking and get ‘Freaked Out’ now to take your first steps to salvation.

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