Freaking Hired!

Rejected at online test? A ‘No’ after interview?

Sensing a debilitating and a growing sense of personal failure?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But is it really you that’s the problem?

Fresh from slicing through the fantasy and flim-flam of outsourced contact centre skulduggery in Flypaper for Freaks, Max Frances once again returns to the fray.

And he’s not a happy chap.

This time, Recruitment is in the crosshairs. And not a day too soon.

Challenging every assumption, Frances poses some fundamental questions about Recruitment, its objectives, and methodologies. And guess what?

It’s a mosh pit of charlatans and shysters, all looking for a fast buck at YOUR expense.

Cardsharps who, through sleight-of-hand and bottom deals, guarantee that the House wins every time.

With the cards marked, candidates are going all in emotionally. Sooner or later, the House takes it all.

And there’s not even a bus fare home.

Everybody is taken and they gorge it all, gifting only prejudice, inequality, and hardship.

Leaving nothing to chance, Frances pulls out the shag pile from under the rogues and transgressors, serving up their dubious practices for your delectation and exhibiting their sabotage of your hopes and dreams at every turn.

The fightback begins here.

A rip-roaring, whistle-stop tour through the backstreets of hiring chicanery; it’s too critical to miss. Freaking Hired! will re-ignite your potential and get you back onto the front foot. It may even finally get you over the line.

But it will certainly make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Because it’s not you – it’s them.

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