A Dogma is for Life…

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.

And there’re only one goose in the charlatan realm, and that’s the charlatan goose.

But it’s the one time of year when charitable sentiment is front and centre, and all the reprobates have to don their metaphorical Santa suits and indulge in a little goodwill to all men.

And most of them absolutely loathe it.

But within every shyster establishment there are always enough wannabe social warrior lickspittles to pander to the bidding of the arch-charlatans. Consequently, their fervour enables the unswervingly toe-rag corporations to sustain the correct festive profile.

So, the toad supremos (the inveterate greasy pole climbers – and ‘greasy’ here refers to both climbers and poles) are wheeled out to spurt forth an avalanche of blog posts and social media shares reflecting an ostensible concern for the homeless and the deprived, with a commentary outlining how their organisation can play a progressive role in effecting social change.

Seemingly interminable words and bandwidth are set aside for the glorification of all things char-i-dee.

No money or commitment, mind you (big wink).

You won’t catch Mr Snidey-New-Labour-Hipster deigning to excavate his own ankle-length trouser pocket lining to make any ample donations of his titanic emolument at this point, and especially not during any other time of the year.

You see, in the blagger biosphere, real sacrifices are for others to make – or others to be. Just like the objective processes recruiters preach to us, without ever dreaming of subjecting themselves or their acolytes to the same.

But every year, after months of unfailing skulduggery, we have to withstand the sanctimonious tripe of lowlifes who underscore the bunkum they are propagandising in their companies to bring social ills into focus. Lamentably to colleagues who have the same self-interested money orientation and abhorrence of anyone who is not a bullshido black belt of unimpeachable lineage.

And no, you never witness the merest soupçon of any enduring or tangible positives. It’s all froth and bubble, just like the newly voguish support for Pride week. Hand out some coloured wristbands and a few packets of Rainbow Skittles, rinse out as much kudos for yourselves as liberal thinkers and then back to sniggering about poofters in the pub after office hours.

Would it really be too much for the leaders of these august institutions to embrace inclusivity and open their minds and horizons in deed, rather than vacuous soundbite? To abandon the process-in-practice dogma that limits opportunity and reinforces inequality?

You know, hire a senior manager from an ethnic minority group or even a woman to the Board, who was not in the HR profession? Or at least if you do, find it in your hearts not to invoke a case for redundancy at the earliest possible juncture?

Imagine that – opening the landscape and embracing inclusion for the full 12 months of the year, ongoing.

Unfortunately, their dogma is for life, not just for Christmas.

unsplash-logoDuffy Brook

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