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Charlatans, crooks, and conmen.

Businessmen and politicians, who have dispensed with facts and have overdosed us all on lies in their quest for money and power.

So-called ‘activists’, who claim to champion virtuous fightbacks and who relentlessly and who relentlessly pursue their own fake and dishonest agendas on the backs of the vulnerable.

Society is awash with these villains.

Welcome to the new normal.

Time to call them out.

Ropey Handle

Oh dear. The way things are going, some sizeable chunks of that Chinese rocket are likely to rain down on Keith’s gas guzzler. As matters stand, you could probably cut through the atmosphere at Labour HQ with a knife, let alone giant shards of Beijing tin can. And this time, there’s no convenient Corbed ball […]

Cardboard Box

I truly felt for Keir Starmer out there yesterday attempting a few punches at the large bag. I’m surprised only that one of the onlookers did not throw in the towel right there and then. It all evoked memories of Bill Gates on stage throwing some shapes at the Windows 95 launch. As he tossed […]


The actor Noel Clarke has already been subjected to trial by media and found guilty. However this plays out, his career is scuppered. John Leslie could tell you all about that, and he was never ever convicted of any crime. But you won’t see any of the allegations taken down by social media operators, in […]

Never Knowingly Undertrolled

So Keith went out for a leisurely afternoon troll, pondering wallpaper in John Lewis to rustle up a a photo op of sorts for the craven lefty press. Hilarious, Sir Drear. I was just surprised he hadn’t spent 3 hours poring over the plain magnolia before walking out empty-handed . At a time when it […]

Confirmation by Arse

So, the Downing Street interior decoration bill appears to have rattled some cages. Not sure why, because it’s not as if Johnson has pocketed the cash. He can’t take it all with him once he’s gone. At worst, he’s frittered some dough, but you would have thought that he’d have just done it himself, given […]

Gove Is in the Air

As predicted, Demonic Bummings has risen from the ashes, daggers drawn, and the stream of consciousness style of his turgid blog has swiftly transformed into a focused, tight, and determined front-stabbing. It’s almost as if he was assisted with it by a seasoned journalist well-versed in making each word count. Who’d have thunk it? Most […]

Flip Flop

You couldn’t make it up. The Free Speech Union has supported the ban on taking the knee at the Tokyo Olympics. One of their gang said: ‘The majority of people support banning taking the knee. It is divisive and doesn’t have much to do with kicking racism out of sport‘. That’s a belter. If shooting […]

Closed Shops

Well, that didn’t last long. The European Super League has received the red card, but that will likely not be the end of it. For now, the Big Six can return to the Premier League where they can revert to sucking up cash, buying in the best players, and operating without fear of relegation. One […]

Dropped Ball

Oceans of tears this weekend at the prospect of a European Football Super League, and there we were, being led to believe that Euro-integration was the future? If it is invitation-only, risk-free showboating, this isn’t a competition as such – it’s marketing content. Think Federer and Nadal hotdogging and pinging up 20-shot lob rallies with […]

Recto Verso

The UK’s Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, has written a poem to commemorate the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing. The Prince famously loathed sycophants, which must have been a hefty burden in itself given his position in the crosshairs of the nation’s most devoted bottom-feeders. Accordingly, the poet compensated for this with wide spadefuls of pretension: Last […]

Nice and Sleazy Does It

In 5 seconds of unbridled opposition, Sir Keir Starmer boldly announced, ‘the return of Tory sleaze’. As Gerry Adams might say, ‘it never went away, you know’. Most pertinently, anybody who has missed the relentless asset-stripping of the UK since lockdowns must be in the unrelenting clutches of a hardcore ketamine habit. All this ring-fenced […]


Our incorrigible bent for synchronised fawning made it as predictable as it was painful. And so, along with innumerable brown-tongue aficionados, a facade of pitiful, performative grieving was thrust upon the traveling public by National Rail. In doing so, they scuppered the plans of those who possessed not the requisite beady-eyed dexterity to navigate the […]

Unskinny Bop

It was desperately sad to hear that former Big Brother desperado Nikki Grahame had succumbed to anorexia. Desperately sadder still was the media puff about a lack of awareness of eating disorders. Please, somebody turn that telescope around. Surely, the most pertinent concern should fall on the apparent obsession with the modern-day freak show of […]


A forensic pathologist has testified that George Floyd died from low oxygen caused by officers handcuffing him, positioning him, and placing a knee ‘on the neck specifically’. Well, thank the Lord that’s all been cleared up. I thought he’d choked on a bone in the local shit-chicken emporium. The final gift to the nation from […]

Bloody Clots

Probability is a funny only thing. We can become as despondent about our vanishing chances of winning the lottery as we might become paranoid about being afflicted by a rare illness, and both at about the same percentages. Current odds of a fatal blood clot after being spritzed with the AZ vaccine are approximately 1 […]

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