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Charlatans, crooks, and conmen.

Businessmen and politicians, who have dispensed with facts and have overdosed us all on lies in their quest for money and power.

So-called ‘activists’, who claim to champion virtuous fightbacks and who relentlessly and who relentlessly pursue their own fake and dishonest agendas on the backs of the vulnerable.

Society is awash with these villains.

Welcome to the new normal.

Time to call them out.

Gueye Bashing

Spare a thought today for Idrissa Gueye, who is about to have his career curtailed by the thought Nazis for pulling back from the abyss of virtue-signalling hell and refusing to take one for the team. It’s been the most controversial LGBT issue in sport since the Green Bay Packers relocated from the town of […]

The Great Pretenders

Forget inflation, recession, and COVID. The greatest threat to progress is our susceptibility to the charms of the Great Pretender. And there’s an emphasis on the word ‘pretend’. Earlier this year, Keir Starmer called out Johnson and pushed for his resignation simply because the latter was under police investigation. This was a prime minister in […]

DM Me, Hun

Social media is one humming cesspit at the best of times, but it seems to be de rigeur to post a picture of a recently deceased person with a message telling them to ‘fly high’, with a cringeworthy ‘with the angels’ being an optional extra. Sometimes it’s ‘fly high with the angles‘, which I guess […]

Fine By Us

Not sure what the furore is about the fixed-penalty notices handed out to the faker and the fakir. Surely there had long since been a shedload of evidence for this cabal’s defenestration before some thick-as-mince plod went down the FPN route for attendance at some office drinkies? Imagine everybody going mental if Hitler had picked […]

Chicken Kiev

Another day, another Zelensky diktat to the West. And the line is again strikingly similar: demands for arms, a no-fly zone, ramped-up sanctions etc. The trite turd ultimately wants NATO to trigger World War III. How is it that this bloviating berk has bagged platforms to address overseas parliaments with this shameless shizzle? Well, that’s […]

Bream On

While no fan of the rubber bath toy at all, his ‘I have a bream’ speech was a masterclass in hooking the usual gang of wet, flaccid Euromelts and consigning them to the Tory keepnet. Comparing the Ukrainian resistance to the Brexiter push for freedom was a jolly jape that perfectly piqued all the posturing […]

15 Minutes

The artist Andy Warhol once commented that everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. In the last few weeks, isolated pockets of Ukrainians dotted around the world will have ticked this off their bucket lists. In one local backwater in the UK, the town council organised a vigil (what else?) for the Ukraine, which drew […]

All Aboard!

Ever wondered what happened to the Black Lives Matter/trans rights/pride/me too/disability advocate/COVID extremist/Remainiac tools? Yep – they’re all ‘standing with Ukraine’. If they truly were, they’d be on a plane to Poland or Moldova, crossing the border, snatching up a rifle, and getting busy. Even Kerry Katona has issued a warning to Putin. Let’s hope […]


With Mr Putin recognising the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, every limp foghorn in the crass commentariat has been quick to point to the ‘Kremlin playbook’, as if they’re diplomatic svengalis. Yet, in truth this kind of land-grab is a favoured standby for every regime with a penchant for expansionism. Hitler did it in the […]


‘London is becoming safer’, said Cressida Dick in her resignation statement. Well, it is now. While her defenstration is merited, I do have some sympathy for any person trapped in what must surely be a perpetual state of mental torture. Whatever she does, she must be forever recoiling in abject disgust at her own name. […]

The Best Lines

At last we had sight of the Sue Gray report, for all the progress that meant. Starmer delivered a withering speech, which was well-composed, accurate, and powerful. What a shame his speechwriter isn’t gunning for the top job. At the moment, the Labour front bench is undoubtedly getting all the best lines (guffaw), but none […]

We Fit

I’ve never been great with hands-on workmanship and appreciate that there are times when you just have to fork out to somebody to perform a simple task. You pay a reasonable rate for the knowledge, and the guy rocks up and does the job. One example of this is fitting parts to cars. Vehicle manufacturers […]


As a nation, we all still appear to be in perpetual shock that in voting for Boris Johnson, we ended up getting Boris Johnson. He is clearly the toast of the Conservative Party, of course in the crispy, charred sense. For a loquacious smith of words, his non-apology was as transparent as Fishy Rishi’s 200-mile-away […]

Going With the Flow

Novak Djokovic has just been nicked, which should make for a fascinating episode of Border Security: Australia’s Front Line in due course. He’s off to the relative comfort of a ‘detention hotel’ along with various miscreants with their undeclared apples, bags of fish guts, and dried cat penises. If he does appeal it, we’re all going to […]

Testy Times

So after nearly two years of mayhem, we’re back to where we started. Yes, we do have a vaccine, but it is one that works only by limiting serious illness in the most vulnerable after three jabs. It’s fascinating how the vaccine narrative has shifted from the heady euphoria of the first jab to the […]

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