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Charlatans, crooks, and conmen.

Businessmen and politicians, who have dispensed with facts and have overdosed us all on lies in their quest for money and power.

So-called ‘activists’, who claim to champion virtuous fightbacks and who relentlessly and who relentlessly pursue their own fake and dishonest agendas on the backs of the vulnerable.

Society is awash with these villains.

Welcome to the new normal.

Time to call them out.

Jab Well Done

Interesting that when the UK approved the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, EU honchos scoffed that the approval process had been rushed. Well, they’re not scoffing now, are they? In fact, as of this morning (28 January 2021), they had still not formally approved it. On the commercial front, the UK signed its contract three months before the […]


Queues, higher costs, dissatisfied polulations, and aggravation. Looks like post-transition Brexit has followed its inexorable path to misery. Or has it? The specific logic arguably suggests otherwise. Millions of EU citizens losing their rights in the UK was not a certainty of Brexit. Additional customs checks at the border with Continental Europe were not set […]

Chapter and Verse

In the hours following the US Inauguration pomp and ceremony, CNN triumphally announced that Amanda Gorman had ‘… reminded America of what poetry can do’. Well, indirectly at least. Absolutely nothing. We had just watched the world’s most powerful nation saved from the brink of implosion, and once again, aspirations masquerading as values had heralded […]

Not the Point

I have long been aggravated by comma abuse in writing, and that goes for both the scattergunners and the stinges. However, rules are not straightforward, and when you have a flow between linguistic registers sometimes within the same piece, commas are infinitely tricky and controversial. Even that last sentence was, for several reasons. That one, […]

Sky’s the Limit

While COVID might be debilitating ever-increasing numbers of the population, Sky is following up with its own assault on the nation’s mental health, not to mention insulting its intelligence. The TV/Broadband company is now spitting out renewal letters with a twist. Headed, ‘We’re now giving you another 12 months of savings’, it all seems a […]

Squirm Ban Führer

Another day, another assault on the freedom of speech by right-on, winkle-dicked, Big Tech bottom-feeders. This time, social media Sturmbannführers at You Tube have driven a metaphorical Panzer through the frontier of my channel and spiked one of my cringeworthy promotional videos. Last month, I received a missive from Team YT to inform me that […]

Trouble in Sight

It looks like they are all going after Trump now, albeit four years too late. He urged his supporters to march on the Capitol and to cheer some senators, ‘and others not so much’. He droned that they ‘would never take back the country with weakness’. Now, I am no expert in the technicalities of […]

Capitol Punishment

The most staggering take-out from the Capitol ruckus was not the sight of a few hundred rank, one-toothed, tits-out hillbillies in full-MAGA descending on the seat of the legislative body. Nossir, it was that it took a jaunty rumble from the sweaty masses and a few waywardly lobbed bricks to prompt any serious notion of […]

Extra Dish-Up

Julian Assange has (sort of) won the latest stage in his battle for absolute freedom, but for the whole Wiki-litany of leaks, this is only the end of the beginning. I never really did get the whole argument that Julian’s sojourn in the Ecuadorian embassy had amounted to ‘arbitrary detention’. After all, he had voluntarily […]

The Wheels on the Bus

While playground politics trundle on, let’s revert to an old favourite and arguably where the present penchant for political misdirection started to grow arms and legs. You’ve got it – the big, red, Brexit bus and those now infamous words: We send the EU £350m a week / let’s fund our NHS instead When Vote […]

Sovereign Notions

Frustrated by the circular arguments of the Brexit debate? Get a rum old sovereignty chaser down your neck for some unrestricted 2020 retrovision and a banging trade deal hangover cure. OK, cure is over-egging it, but it might help with the nausea. While it has been lazily punted about like a scuffed, old, patchy ball, […]

Party Games

A parliamentary vote on the UK-EU trade deal is imminent. If it gets voted down, the UK leaves without a deal. In the real world, a vote means a firm choice. You either want one thing or the other. And if you have no particular desire for either, you go with the lesser of the […]

Pass the Parcel

Well, we didn’t have to wait too long for more hysteria from the bitter ex. The ink is barely dry on the Trade Deal, and the Euro-fringe is frothing. Nobody likes being dumped, particularly the unhinged ones. Erasmus getting kicked to the kerb is neither ‘spiteful‘ nor ‘cultural vandalism’, to quote some of the more […]

Wiping the Slate Clean

The ferocious war of words on the merits of the EU deal has already been gathering pace. A pointless one because the concept of ‘good’ is wholly relative to subjective perspectives and values. But as certain as death and taxes, the mouth-froth preceded any meaningful analysis. Yes – at the point that the crass crescendo […]

Iceberg Letters

According to well-placed sources, Royal Mail delivers about 14.4 billion letters and, combined with Parcelforce, approximately 1.2 billion parcels per annum. That’s a big old money tree, right there. Yet for a flagship enterprise, they still cannot get the basics right. In spite of ‘exhaustive planning’, some customers may be experiencing ‘slightly longer delivery timescales […]

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