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Charlatans, crooks, and conmen.

Businessmen and politicians, who have dispensed with facts and have overdosed us all on lies in their quest for money and power.

So-called ‘activists’, who claim to champion virtuous fightbacks and who relentlessly and who relentlessly pursue their own fake and dishonest agendas on the backs of the vulnerable.

Society is awash with these villains.

Welcome to the new normal.

Time to call them out.

We Fit

I’ve never been great with hands-on workmanship and appreciate that there are times when you just have to fork out to somebody to perform a simple task. You pay a reasonable rate for the knowledge, and the guy rocks up and does the job. One example of this is fitting parts to cars. Vehicle manufacturers […]


As a nation, we all still appear to be in perpetual shock that in voting for Boris Johnson, we ended up getting Boris Johnson. He is clearly the toast of the Conservative Party, of course in the crispy, charred sense. For a loquacious smith of words, his non-apology was as transparent as Fishy Rishi’s 200-mile-away […]

Going With the Flow

Novak Djokovic has just been nicked, which should make for a fascinating episode of Border Security: Australia’s Front Line in due course. He’s off to the relative comfort of a ‘detention hotel’ along with various miscreants with their undeclared apples, bags of fish guts, and dried cat penises. If he does appeal it, we’re all going to […]

Testy Times

So after nearly two years of mayhem, we’re back to where we started. Yes, we do have a vaccine, but it is one that works only by limiting serious illness in the most vulnerable after three jabs. It’s fascinating how the vaccine narrative has shifted from the heady euphoria of the first jab to the […]

Unsquared Circles

Hardly unpredictably, ‘Frosty the No Man’ became ‘Frosty the Go Man’, as Lord Frost departed the Cabinet. Notwithstanding the mystery of how he got in there in the first place – he is after all not even an MP – he belatedly discovered the crystal-clear truth that nobody can comfortably square the Brexit circle. The […]

Party Poop

As the covert party scandal unfolds, I for one am relieved that it wasn’t a bin bag covering a CCTV camera in that Downing Street shot of the Christmas quiz. That would have been a scandalous waste of PPE. Witnessing the defenstration of Dough Piffle will doubtless be delectable, but it won’t bring seismic change […]

No Offence

Once again, it’s by-election time, and the Bexley swing to Labour was by mid-term standards somewhat anaemic – about half of that achieved by Blair prior to 1997. Add to that the rock-bottom turnout, and you’re likely to draw the conclusion that this was scarcely a ringing endorsement of Sir Drear’s vision for the future. […]

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

There’s been a whole load of insufferable sluice spouted about migrants and accociated channel-bobbing high jinks this week. Apparently, everybody is to blame apart from the inveterate morons who stumped up £4k apiece for a boat to hell. Closing down legal access to a country by making it more difficult to claim asylum through legitimate […]


When sections of the public express outrage at a court verdict, they’re not stating that the verdict was perverse. After all, they’ve neither examined the minutiae nor received the directions from the judge that might allow legally sound conclusions to be drawn. They’re expressing that it never went the way they wanted it to go, […]


After ‘Trolley’s’ woeful performance at the equally abysmal COP26, we might be justified in lamenting the failure of our Government to set the shining example to the nation that their position demands. I beg to differ. Were they a shining beacon of excellence, we might mark them out as being more hypocritical than they are. […]

Oil of Ole

If the continued presence of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Manchester United dugout is mystifying, you probably haven’t ever been too absorbed in the hell of UK office politics swirling around you. It’s a common phenomenon in business that people hire their buddies and would rather see poor results than allow somebody who’s not part […]

Poppy Go the Weasels

A fortnight of virtue-signalling is now upon us, with a plastic flower now determining our social status and propriety. Sneers, tuts, and in some cases full-on confrontation will bubble over in the event of your bare lapel being clocked. Yes, ‘poppy fascism’ us back to a pub, shop, or organisation near you. It’s nothing new […]

All the Sheeple

Well, it had to come sooner or later – the politicisation of mask-wearing. After all, the opposition are certainly no good at real politics. If they were even just below average, we would have seen some serious damage inflicted on the worst government in living memory. The great mask divide does not however reflect so […]

In Plain Sight

It’s time to talk about hate. ‘Hate’ is after all an intense dislike of something, which is not tempered by any recognition of a counterbalance. Of course, in popular usage, the descriptor of ’hate speech’ is typically applied to the unhinged musings of religious fanatics and right-wing nut jobs. It has however for sometime slipped […]

Coming Home To Roost

The UK Government has been taking a public beating recently for reneging on the Withdrawal Agreement, but perhaps for once this is not quite what it seems. I recall reading a fascinating paper – written by a hardcore feminist – that railed against the ‘No means no’ mantra. Her argument was a cogent one. If […]

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