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Charlatans, crooks, and conmen.

Businessmen and politicians, who have dispensed with facts and have overdosed us all on lies in their quest for money and power.

So-called ‘activists’, who claim to champion virtuous fightbacks and who relentlessly and who relentlessly pursue their own fake and dishonest agendas on the backs of the vulnerable.

Society is awash with these villains.

Welcome to the new normal.

Time to call them out.

The Same Game

You’d have to have a heart of stone not laugh at the current Brussels pantomime, and we’re not yet even in the run-up to Christmas. The anglosphere has converged to squeeze France out of a $90bn submarine contract, and French indignation is, well, ripe. Strangely, there seems to be no sign of smug Europhiles gleefully […]

Radical, New Triumph

These are challenging times for Guy Verhofstwat and all the rabid, butthurt EU fruitcakes after Emma Raducanu’s US Open win. They’re all stuck between the rock of wanting to claim 50% of the title in the EU’s name and the hard place of their hatred for the China and the UK. Momma said there would […]

Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along

Migrants are once again sticking their oar in, and politicians and commentators are rowing in the wrong direction. The row this time is about UK Border Force plans to block passage and push them back to France. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. If I go steaming into a shop to rob it, I’ll expect to […]

Shut Your Cakehole

It’s a funny old world. Droning, bleeding hearts are seeing their piss boiled by current issues with supply chains and highlighting these as a direct consequence of Brexit while also bemoaning the challenges faced by EU citizens currently domiciled in the UK. Two sets of inevitable consequences of Brexit – one for I-told-you-so gloating and […]


And so the inevitable farce plays out. While the Taliban had a cause, the majority of Afghans had a greater prize in the cross hairs of their beady eyes – the opportunity of a new life in the West with all those taxpayer-funded trimmings. Sure, there are dissidents whose body parts might have been destined […]


Ooer, Matron – somebody’s put sand in the motion lotion, and Ofcom have pulled out of Stonewall’s tight squeeze on the nation’s current subservience to LGBTadinfinitim+ However, what is happening within Stonewall is nothing new. Factions have pressed for a change in direction and focus on policy, which will inevitably have consequences. The broader the […]

Bacon Mid-Air

I’m not sure what is the most troubling – Dominic Raab avoiding calls like a temp in a 1990s call centre or the fact that he reputedly spunked £40k on a holiday in Crete. That’s a shedload of kleftiko, or possibly some other form of middle-class entertainment. Meanwhile, Johnson has announced that the situation around […]

The Queen’s Shilling

Anybody gasping at the sight of the Taliban surging to power in Afghanistan probably hasn’t read any world history books for sometime, if ever. The country remains the epitome of resistance in the face of foreign incursions. Britain, Russia, and now the US and friends. Rocking up there is on a par with invading Russia […]

Milking and Bilking

The candlelit vigils are underway in Plymouth, and the collection buckets have been a-rattling. The political and activist rinsing is also in full swing. It’s the post-tragedy UK we know and love. Now that the Plymouth trigger man has been linked to so-called incel philosophy — that’s millennial code for geezers who can’t get a […]

Hip Shooters

It wasn’t just that Captain Caveman geezer who’s been shooting from the hip this week. After the Plymouth pee-ow—pee-ow—pee-ow, every Facebook fruitloop crawled out from under their personal stone to have their tuppence worth. Firstly, mental health came under the microscope, but to be fair we weren’t looking at in-depth analysis here. Yes, the shooter […]

Long Face

As if the Olympics could not get more farcical, the German pentathlon coach has been kicked out of the games for releasing some pent-up frustration and punching a horse. This all came to pass after a rider was reduced to tears when, leading the event, the beast refused to either trot or jump. As they say, […]

Winning Without Winning

‘The GOAT got it done’, trumpeted Team USA’s Twitter account after Simone Biles snagged a bronze in the high beam competition. Quite what ‘it’ was, nobody was precisely sure unless it was a reference to a masterclass in underpromising and overdelivering. Even in the murky world of low-rent office life, that sort of sandbagging caper […]


It’s been quite a week for flag-waving in the UK and beyond. Post-Brexit, flag-shagging has been a favoured allegation tossed over the fence at anybody obtrusively displaying a Union Flag, paradoxically by those vigorously spraying the EU counterpart. Subtly, those wishing to avoid banner hypocrisy adorn their social media profiles with blue hearts, but we […]

Mat Gloss

I hadn’t realised that the Olympic Games was on, because it has all been somewhat low-key. Don’t worry if you too hadn’t noticed – it’s so far been excruciating but very 21st century, and that’s not just the skateboarding and BMXing. Russia has been banned, so all the Russians who haven’t been caught chewing horse […]

Ping Pong

You’d have to have a heart stone not to laugh like a drain. The Government set up a track-and-trace app, but there’s a growing concern that too many people are being pinged and are self-isolating. It’s the pingdemic. Let’s just recap: the Government put a system in place and asked the public to use it. […]

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