Mr Trump has waddled off-script again. That must be exceedingly tiresome for his aides who see him trundling along, monotonously sucking up the words from the page through the gaps in his lower teeth, and then – BOOM! He pivots (usually to his right) and flings out a handful of interrogatory sludge to his hapless acolytes who can only pray that his questions are rhetorical.

This time he has mused (aloud) whether UV rays, sunlight, and heat might be deployed to kill coronavirus before offering up the star turn: perhaps disinfectant might ‘knock out‘ the virus in a minute?

I’m not a medical doctor either, but I’m not going to propose that setting people on fire might kill the virus even though I know it would. The common sense that Mr President attributes to himself manifestly doesn’t extend to the handling of press briefings.

At least, injecting yourself with lemon bleach might mean getting 1 of your 5-a-day.

We’re seriously a week away from a statement that pee is stored in the balls. Before that though, thousands of hillbillies will be hooking themselves up intravenously to toilet ducks. People were already shooting up the last wingnut chemical that Trump cited as a panacean cure.

He does like to preface his dipshittery with a nod to his want of medical qualification and remarks that he’s floating ideas for further investigation. You’d hope that he might leave it there or at least restrict the yo-yo ideation to private conference.

In the 17th Century, he might have been considered a quack of sorts. In England in 1858, the Medical Register was put in place to ensure that only accredited medical advice was pumped out to the masses. Unfortunately, this kind of regulation has not yet been extended to politicians, though rarely will one play as fast and loose as the incumbent US leader.

But are our top dogs too much better?

We’ve had our fill of policy quacks, incapable of getting their intellectual arms around a holistic apprehension of the society. They have cut into the coronavirus lane with a solution that is unsupported by methodology, roadmap, or any case history.

They’ve just kicked off, shooting from the hip with some treatment that will kill the virus but only by firstly dispatching the host.

And we’re having a chuckle about this blunderbussed burst of baloney? It’s a lot closer to home that you might imagine.

It’s simply analogous of what has already been unfolding. Wait until the apocalyptic depression sets in. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.

SPOILER ALERT: It won’t be us.

unsplash-logoJOSHUA COLEMAN

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