Identity Theft

It has been a challenging time for the UK’s woke wonders, and I’m struggling to keep up with the ebb and flow of social fakery.

Pride Month has now almost passed them by, which has left their feather boas whistling in the wind. While they were fixated on their pretence that they were in solidarity with black people, they have neglected to continue pretending that they were in solidarity with gay people. And meanwhile, NHS workers have dropped right off the radar.

You see, they no longer give enough. Not care, but air.

With wokeness, time is the great revealer. You see, there is just very little internalisation of all the different causes. To most of the values charlatans, these propositions are not real. They pick up on slogans and rallying cries, but that is all they are. The words are not connected to feelings or values. They just fade away over time.

It’s a new form of identity theft, and people are running up horrendous debts to themselves.

These performances add a cosmetic layer to the mundane context of everyday life so that they can offer up a show of the person they want to be, but not the real them. As time rolls on, they change the script to serve up whatever will be readily consumed by the audience. Cohesion never comes into it, because the performance is always played out in the present.

And it’s hard graft to keep it all going.

Look at our old buddies the NHS clappers, who did not know how to manage their exit after their first show of props. They ended up wearily banging those pots and pans for nine whole weeks until some social influencer bailed them out. Now hordes of them have hopped onto the BLM bandwagon, which is itself fast fading. Many of these previously pumped the gay cause with ungay abandon, but in recent months, you wouldn’t know it.

And for people who are so obsessed with perception by others, doesn’t this have to be eviscerating? Well, only if they get rumbled, and they become so detached from their real selves that this rarely presents a problem. Most are so manifestly fake, yet they carry on regardless, self-anaesthetised by the purpose of their fiction.

Dig further back and you will see a pattern of transitional wokeness, with extraordinarily little cohesion. They latch onto whatever attracts the most ‘likes’ and rinse it unashamedly. Now the internet does keep its receipts, but most of the time, nobody is checking them.

Nobody is querying why they no longer clap for the NHS or why they no longer display their Pride banners. They’ve reinvented themselves – for now- as race warriors. Who knows? In the coming weeks, it’ll probably be back to all matters EU – another cause that was of absolutely no interest to them more than a few years ago.

What a sorry state to get into when all they have to do is be themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong and to perform those values.

No shamming, no hassle, and genuine solidarity to boot.

And they might even learn to like their real selves.

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