Britannia Waives the Rules

The current UK Government, which has been unravelling at an unparalleled rate of knots since Christmas, is about to traverse the fundamental red line of any respected nation state. They have announced that they are pondering a deliberate transgression of international law in relation to the EU Withdrawal Agreement – because it suits them.

This isn’t about Brexit or the EU, but about us and who we are. Everything we (should) stand for. The rule of law.

And they don’t now even need to follow through and actually soil themselves with a sticky russet gusset. Notwithstanding the fact that reneging on international agreements will spike their guns on every single negotiation for the foreseeable future, they are doubtless already high and dry merely for expressly stating that this was a serious consideration.

And they means we. We’re going to carry the can. Fruits of the poisoned tree.

It’s gilt-edged buffoonery and hardly the finest hour of an administration powered by super-forecasters.

But then came the rationale – and what a loony tunes belter it was – from the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, who proclaimed about the Government’s plans:

‘Yes, this does break international law but only in a very specific and limited way‘.

You can fling down your Tinc Wobble Fuzzy pen right now. Is there any real point in battling this insanity any longer? Any crime or any other breach of the law is defined as a specific and limited contravention. That’s how lawyers and judges test whether it meets the technical requirements of an indictment or a claim.

And you either break or obey the law. That’s how it works. There are no half-measures. In the same way, a woman can’t get half-pregnant. Once you’ve blown your beans, a salty swimmer either makes it, or it doesn’t.

Imagine your barrister offering that crock of turd up to M’Lud as a viable plea. That would merit a thorough and unrelenting gavelling, preferably with a spiked lump hammer, coated with sulphuric acid and Ebola-loaded plasma.

But these charlatans don’t even blink at the prospect of dishing this goofus tripe up to their fellow parliamentarians.

The only appropriate response to the statement should have been to have reached down the hapless asshat’s throat, hooked his ringpiece, and pulled the inane twat inside out.

You would like to think that there is still enough integrity in Parliament to vote this shambles down and even bang through a vote of no confidence.

Alas, integrity in Parliament is the one attribute that is indubitably specific and limited.

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