Stealth Bummer

As predicted, the issue of vaccine passports is looming into view as the next hot, steaming political package. The cries centre on potential discrimination, which as an initial observation is fair comment.

However, this bubbling dissent betrays that folk have been spending too long either out in the sun or at least reading it.

The fact that sectors of society are going to have to wait a few more months before regaining the freedom to furiously neck watered-down beers and ingest amphet-laced ant powder in dire disco moshpits won’t be raising one unplucked eyebrow in any Cabinet wankbank thinktank.

Even over 100,000 deaths never managed that.

Achieving justice in the UK is sky-pie fare, particularly when an arch-charlatan like Johnson is the Blofield chair stroking the puss, or indeed any puss.

It’s going to take oodles of time and a lotta big to stymie this, by which time the whole issue will have become a moot point.

And it’s worth noting that discrimination is in itself not always unlawful. If an act is a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate aim, the courts will give it the green light.

This is bread-and-butter ammunition for any of the thousands of shoddy Government lawyers who have swerved the challenge of a demanding legal role for an easy life on a third of what they could earn if they had only a microscopic pair of balls and a marginally larger personal drive. It’s the kind of bog-standard dross that they grind through so regularly that they are often rather good at it. It’s the ground-breaking cases that they balls up.

And as it stands, vaccine passports appear to rest on a choice between two options, if we accept that a wholesale re-start might risk a third wave:

Option 1 (the passport route): an increasing number of people can resume normal lives and the economy survives.

Option 2: (the continued lockdown route) the economy remains largely locked down for many more months, and the country goes under.

It is difficult to see a court not viewing the prevention of severe economic depression as legitimate nor a staggered re-opening founded on health safeguards as proportionate.

Of course, lest we forget, this Government is the market leader in distraction and deception.

The ultimate outcome to this passport melodrama will be a national identity card through the back door and without any of the scrutiny and debate that ought to precede it.

A stealth bomb of a serious bummer.

And another sleepwalked step towards a totalitarian state.

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