Beat Beeb, Yeah!

Princes William and Harry have been steaming into the BBC this week, which is fair enough. They’re having a pop at those who had deceived their Mum.

Martin Bashir still hasn’t surfaced, which is also fair enough – he is a bottom-feeder after all. He’s still struggling with the long-term effects of COVID or, as it’s otherwise known, getting caught out big styl-ee.

It’s hardly a big deal anyway once all the hype has been scraped away.

However, shafting the BBC or even the press for Diana’s death is somewhat off beam. That’s akin to blaming the pub that served a dying alcoholic their last drink.

Princess Diana knew what the game was all about, played it, and got played. That was her downfall.

When bloated fish get jiggy with the sharks, they get gobbled up. And without the protective, muscular arms of the Palace around her, that’s what she was. A spunk-drunk has-been who was always going to be good for a few lines of copy.

There was also the small matter of getting into a motor with a pissed-up nutter.

History is of course repeating itself with the Harry and Meghan show. They want fame and loot on their own terms, and the press isn’t playing ball. The happy couple has now found that dismounting the tiger won’t happen by magic if they’re not willing to help themselves.

Although, helping themselves is arguably the problem. They’re hiding away in a $14m mansion in California and coughing their most intimate guts in shoddy interviews with all and sundry for some hefty bunce.

Had they wanted to be left alone, they might well have opted for a remote shack in Montana and kiboshed the public grassing binges.

It was just a thought, albeit a blooming obvious one.

As far as the BBC is concerned, though, it absolutely does deserve a thorough beating on multiple counts.

Pisspoor programmes, bias, snide and sneering presenters, and an ongoing gross abuse of a national captive audience are probably enough black marks to be going on with.

Yet going after the Corporation now for what happened in 1995 seems like flogging a dead horse. Next, we’ll be blaming Kevin Keegan if we crash out of the Euros.

There needs to be a root-and-branch clear-out of the Beeb, but for the right reasons.

And Harry and his wife just need to fade away gracefully if privacy is what they are seeking.

It’s not that difficult.

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