Fact Off

Dominic Cummings has blown the lid off the transparent Tupperware container that is Government. Apparently, the COVID era was characterised by chaos and crap decision making.

Tell us something that we don’t know.

Tellingly, pundits are now self-servingly seizing on DC’s perspective.

Government supporters who had previously lauded Dom as a genius have fallen back on the ‘disgruntled ex-employee’ discourse.

Opponents who had erstwhile labelled him a shadowy spook, shyster, and Barnard Castle bullshitter have bestowed the status of corroborative truth upon his version of events.

You can probably see the common denominator here: facts can whistle in the wind and be subservient to whatever collateral will conveniently support the partisan view.

That has been the theme of the decade, and the point was further hammered home contemporaneously oop North.

Labour nightmayor Andy Burn’em, who was boisterously stepping beyond his Manchester remit, reacted to the Hillsborough court verdicts with similarly fact-devoid consideration:

And then:

Well, I’ll help the wider-electorate-pandering chump out.

The judge clearly explained that the defendants had not done anything that had amounted to a criminal offence. There was no case to answer.

As for their acquittal of a technicality, Andy Panderer needs to understand that law is a technical matter. If the technical boxes are not ticked, the offence is not made out.

However, facts don’t come into if for these clowns. It’s all about shoehorning bogus meaning into situations in order to score political points.

If we learned anything today, it is why our political area is, to quote a Cummings special, a smoking ruin.

Leaving everybody fact off.

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