Knee Jerk

Reportedly, Gareth Southgate is to hold urgent talks with the England squad about taking the knee.

In all truth, he’d be better off talking to them about taking the piss.

That performance versus Austrian opposition would have had Neville Chamberlain’s paper fluttering in the wind.

In elite football terms, we’re not waving but drowning.

As for the fatuous claim that booing the kneedy was an attack on black players, that is as credible as including 4 right backs in your squad.

Denying that the knee-nonsense had anything to do with politics – or might be reasonably interpreted as such in some quarters – missed the glaringly obvious and deliciously ironic point that Team England’s shape and movement is precisely aligned with the UK’s political scene, and more specifically the Labour Party.

Both reflect a gaggle of over-hyped, disjointed, gesture-obsessed perennial losers who are hopelessly out of touch with their public.

And led by a hopelessly under-qualified turd.

They exist just to exist rather than sticking to – and mastering – the knitting. There used to be a time when politicians did politics and footballers did football.

Understand that, and the players might just twig why the fans have so little respect for them. The crowd was booing sportsmen who have seen an easier path to recognition. These gazillionaires prefer gestures to leaving their blood and guts on the pitch against tough opponents even if they don’t win.

Calling that out is not racism but disdain for lead-swinging posers. That’s why the electorate has no time for Labour.

Until the faking ends, the professional losers will be remaining on their knees for the foreseeable future.

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