Batty and Spent

The imminent by-election in Batley and Spen might prove to be a watershed for Drear Harmer’s leadershit (not a typo), if it has not indeed already hit the (silly old) buffers.

In terms of candidate selection, Labour can at least be praised for not having plucked a self-serving, fake social democrat droid from the political researcher wasp nest and parachuted them into a constituency the hapless lickspittle never heard of.

Unfortunately, in ticking one box, they’ve blasted off their Birkenstocked toes by selecting the late Jo Cox’s sister, Kim Leadbeater, who doesn’t claim to even really have ever had an interest in politics.

Now, I wonder why they selected her then? It is not too much of a stretch to conceive that the plan is to pull on the heartstrings of the electorate rather than their mindstrings.

It’s desperate stuff based on emotive pull rather that that of decisive policy.

Meanwhile, nice-but-dim Kim has in her campaigning made it clear that Palestine will be her top priority, which does rather reflect that she is at least on brand for Starmer’s space-wasting tyre-kicking.

Labour after all got trounced in the last election for leaving the working class behind, and poor old Jo got popped when a nutter yelling, ‘Britain first!’ had deemed her to be unforgivably dismissive of her own constituents’ needs.

For a long time now, it has been clear that the only thing the current Labour gang stands for is Parliament.

To add to the electoral carcrash looming on the horizon, old George Galloway – a formidable operator — is waiting in the wings and tearing away large chunks of support that should be Labour’s bread and butter.

If the Tories wanted to scupper Labour, this is exactly how they would move the pieces.

Fortunately, they have Keir Starmer in place to do the job for them.

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