We’re approaching the home straight in Batley and Spen, and Slur Clear Stammer may well shortly be staring down the barrel of laughs of a leadership challenge.

Given the shocking calibre of the Labour benches, it’s certainly not going to get out of slapstick gear, but that’s for another day.

If Labour do get resoundingly spanked, as the polls are suggesting, they won’t have lost a political battle but a lying game. Since Jezza was ousted, they’ve cynically picked battles and taken up positions that the top brass felt might curry favour with the electorate – indeed anybody – and it’s been bombing like a Libyan teenager.

Continually, they have wedded themselves to polarising positions when there was never any need to. Angela Merkel, as a physicist, might well have given Labour bigwigs a steer that a one-dimensional, cardboard Rumpole could not.

Yes, Newton’s third law of motion states that whenever two objects interact, they exert equal and opposite forces on each other. In other words, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

How is this relevant? Well, rinsing the antisemitism card to purge the left opened up hard opposition within pro-Palestinian sections of society as well as any part of the Labour movement that still possessed any integrity.

Making Palestine their key priority in this campaign through the candidate on the ground looks to be alienating the core working-class vote for (again) leaving them behind.

Mind you, Keith probably lost that one when he was pictured on one knee shamelessly whoring for the BAME vote.

For every one hundred votes gained, the shyster hack loses one hundred and a host more on top. The blatant disconnects and cynical politicking always see even more support haemorrhaged from the wavering floaters.

The bottom line, though, is that this has led to simultaneously cranking up needless, determined waves of opposition that promise to lacerate the vote pot. And that’s before the Galloway wrecking ball swings in.

That just leaves a rump of disinterested folk who just want to have a solid MP in the House, and they won’t get much reassurance from limp everyperson Kimbaya.

She couldn’t fight her way out of a wet, Free Nelson Mandela bag.

Someone’s going to be crying, Lord, Kimbaya.

In all truth, if they do really want a good MP, they would probably not do too much better than Mr Galloway himself.

As it is, they’ve merrily ditched the more in common philosophy that could have served them well in favour of going after divisive, gimmicky soundbites in the grand quest for big hits.

I cannot for my life name one clear Labour policy other than second-guessing – and they’ve turned out to be awful at that – or rewriting history after a swift glance in the Keir-view mirror.

It’s all looking grim with little worth reaping.

Oh Lord, Kimbaya.

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