Milking and Bilking

The candlelit vigils are underway in Plymouth, and the collection buckets have been a-rattling. The political and activist rinsing is also in full swing.

It’s the post-tragedy UK we know and love.

Now that the Plymouth trigger man has been linked to so-called incel philosophy — that’s millennial code for geezers who can’t get a date – click-hungry space-wasters have been hurriedly re-classifying the crimes as acts of terrorism.

That kind of logic would have led historians to determine the Holocaust as a vegetarian crime against humanity, but hey ho.

This incident is just seen as fair game for all the sharks who want to pump a bit more juice into their favoured personal causes, which is why plain old murder got deemed to be both mysogynistic domestic violence and terrorism in a matter of days.

The bottom line is however that he wiped out men, women, and a child, all at random. He was a murderer, end of.

One Twitter commentator offered a counter-argument that stated all the victims would have been women, had he not been under pressure of time. So by that logic, it could have been a racist incident or even an anti-Smurf one.

That’s a desperate post-fact gambit, but she wasn’t the only fantasist out there. A nutter in the other camp implored the women of Plymouth to ‘look to themselves’. In other words, folk were playing it every which way as long as it met their own agenda.

But there’s no shame when it comes to clicks for cash.

Slur Keith, who has spent 18 months offering zip in terms of meaningful political opposition, jumped up like he’d sat down unexpectedly on Flangela’s unlubed finger to question the effectiveness of police gun licensing.

He’s getting worse, if indeed that is possible.

That was a cynical attempt to suck up some popular support, which any decent leader would already be achieving through policy development and political battling.

If everybody with questionable views were forbidden from getting any licence, few people would be allowed to do anything. As it is, the police review cases based on established process and the law.

What next? Suing driving examiners when the people they pass go on to use cars in bank robberies?

If the law is wrong, it’s up to politicians to change it. For people like Starmer, that means actually engaging in politics and winning power. He has no hope on that score so is looking for cheap-and-dirty wins.

And by the way, who gave Keir a licence to practise politics? That person has sold out a generation. It is frankly absurd, though, that we might have to suggest that an opposition leader should try to engage in political life.

Once again, the gunman was a killer who would have likely killed with knives, a car, or anything dangerous, had he not had access to a gun.

But that won’t stop the milking and the bilking by those who are relishing the opportunities that this horror has brought.

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