Ooer, Matron – somebody’s put sand in the motion lotion, and Ofcom have pulled out of Stonewall’s tight squeeze on the nation’s current subservience to LGBTadinfinitim+

However, what is happening within Stonewall is nothing new. Factions have pressed for a change in direction and focus on policy, which will inevitably have consequences.

The broader the church, the more dissident worshippers rock up the aisles. Political parties are the most evident example of this. They lose supporters, but ultimately gain others, and most importantly they retain the ones they want to retain.

Of course, Ofcom has stumbled into a row because they appear to be claiming that they need to remain neutral on some of the stickier questions occupying the LGBT+ space. Those driving for equality will doubtless tell you that there is no place for neutrality where inequality is concerned. Being neutral in the face of oppression allows the tanks to progress past the lawn.

This decision by Ofcom should however resonate with anybody who in recent years has watched any slacktivist Velcro ball roll on, picking up every disreputable opportunist in British business, as well as any successful activist cause eating itself through a dedication to in-fighting frenzies.

Both are guaranteed to deliver bounties, not to mention boundless entertainment, for those jealously guarding the status quo.

They all end up maintaining the established order.

Most organisations have embraced the rainbow flags and associated badges and accreditations because they see them as hip and a powerful grabbing claw for the pink pound and/or associated kudos.

Now the Mardi Gras mask has slipped and laid bare what I guess we all knew: Challenging inequality is fine and dandy until the waters get choppy. Then the cause is chip-paper. Movements don’t get overt support unless they dance to the tune of he who pays the piper.

In the other corner, Stonewall has made its bed, and its supporters are attempting to cancel out any opposing opinions with the usual hysterical and farcical labelling.

It’s a remarkable episode. One side seeking to stamp out dissent against its bonkers gender flat-earthing, while another clings on to a position that was never truly close to their heart.

Cancel culture and virtue-signalling in a veritable head-on collision, which will damage only reputations and the cause.

What a festival of slacktivist hari kari.

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