The Same Game

You’d have to have a heart of stone not laugh at the current Brussels pantomime, and we’re not yet even in the run-up to Christmas. The anglosphere has converged to squeeze France out of a $90bn submarine contract, and French indignation is, well, ripe.

Strangely, there seems to be no sign of smug Europhiles gleefully pointing to this gallic gaffe as an inevitable consequence of Brexit and the new Global Britain. Nope, they’ve been ‘stabbed in the back’, which must have come as a slapping riposte to a nation that pioneered betrayal. While not sympathising, we do nevertheless empathise. After all, we invented football.

But that’s what they get for their refusal to print the submarine instructions in English. Actually, they’re learning a princely, principal principle of business. If you build shoddy products, you get canned.

While that delicious caper unfolded, the crème de la crème has however been served by Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstwat, the doyens of heavily disguised anti-British hate-speech.

Guy, who was once the PM of Belgium, which in political terms is the equivalent of a parish Councillor in Wokingham, has for a long time been smarting over his rejection for a string of top EU roles and vents his spleen in a manner reserved for those who have neither anything to gain nor lose.

Yes, he’s a liberal democrat and occupies his own padded cell on the far-out wing of political Arkham.

He’s been shrieking that the EU needs an army to protect its sovereignty after years of huffily briefing the press that sovereignty no longer existed.

Mon dieu!

His glum chum Barnier – the ‘Monsieur Non’ who ruthlessly pursued Eurofacisist land-grabbing during the Brexit negotiations has blasted Schengen, the role of the European Courts of Justice, and nailed his trousers to a position on immigration that might make Farage blush. The EU is apparently diluting national sovereignty of member states.

Who knew?

Now tell me that the EU was not ever all about the money. It certainly wasn’t about principles.

The last week has certainly proved to be somewhat discombobulating for even the most hardcore Euroshills. There has been a stunned social media silence of the usual commentariat of fake academics and trolling clickbait maniacs who’ve suddenly seen their own magic carpet pulled away from beneath them.

For all the criticism of Brexit lies fuelled by ulterior motives, it turns out that both sides may have been playing the same game.

Oh dear.

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