All the Sheeple

Well, it had to come sooner or later – the politicisation of mask-wearing.

After all, the opposition are certainly no good at real politics. If they were even just below average, we would have seen some serious damage inflicted on the worst government in living memory.

The great mask divide does not however reflect so much the gap between those who care and those who do not, but those who don’t care about pointless gesturing and those who do.

Well now, that puts a different perspective on things, yet still the gossip science prevails.

Yes, Some masks may offer protection to the wearer but not any mask and certainly not the ones that 99% of the population wear. It’s like putting up a fence in your back garden to stop mosquitoes.

In fact, unreservedly supporting mask-wearing is on a par with promoting the preventative might of a ‘convivial fraternal spirit’.

Still, sheeple gonna sheep.

The line now being advanced is that we should all wear one because it is after all ‘only a minor inconvenience’. So is strapping on a Peppa Pig mini-backpack, but I don’t see any great push for that in the media, even though they probably offer just as much protection against COVID as the frilly covering that granny knocked up from a discarded brassiere.

The mask has of course become a new tool in the toolbox of virtue-signalling tools. A principal pillar of faux social democracy is appropriating symbols of care and compassion while assiduously pursuing personal power and wealth by stealth. And this whole mask lark is part of that.

It’s also a very slack strand of slacktivism, and one that gets rinsed by Johnson’s cronies.

It still tickles me how Rees-Mogg can routinely and effortlessly trigger the hatchet-faced, cardboard-limbed, frumpet Fraus of the illiberal liberal, soft-but-really-hard left, but he snares them every time.

That’s his job. Meanwhile, another Government debacle – like 150,000 deaths – remains largely unchallenged.

Unless opposition voices start building a real voice and pull themselves from the troll precipice, we’re in for many more years of this shyster shambles pulling the strings via everybody’s chains.

The real underlying issue – and problem for us – is that the opposition are themselves charlatans but are simply not very good at it.

It doesn’t bode well.

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