When sections of the public express outrage at a court verdict, they’re not stating that the verdict was perverse. After all, they’ve neither examined the minutiae nor received the directions from the judge that might allow legally sound conclusions to be drawn. They’re expressing that it never went the way they wanted it to go, for whatever reason.

Their rants and proclamations are all about political and social media shithousing.

It’s how we can have the same folk lauding justice for George Floyd but lamenting the failed system that freed the master of unconvincing hyperventilation Kyle Rittenhouse.

Most egregious of all, though, was the hopeless intervention of President Biden, who slaughtered the verdict, while reconfirming that ‘the jury system works’. He might not feel that way once Shittenhouse has ubersued his distended anus for defamation. Pre-presidency, Liedon had earlier denounced the shooter as a ‘white supremecist’ on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. That might end up hurting more than the harsh contours of the colonoscopy camera.

Make no mistake that when a person takes up arms, they will soon or or later use them. The question of self-defence will always however rest on what happened in the moment then the threat, or perceived threat, materialised. And that’s what the jury deliberated.

Americans should dwell less on this verdict and more on the standing of their politics and the strength of their debate. In the UK, we are the world-beating authority on that.

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