Unsquared Circles

Hardly unpredictably, ‘Frosty the No Man’ became ‘Frosty the Go Man’, as Lord Frost departed the Cabinet. Notwithstanding the mystery of how he got in there in the first place – he is after all not even an MP – he belatedly discovered the crystal-clear truth that nobody can comfortably square the Brexit circle. The EU has to make it impossible, or others will get up and want to leave – or threaten to leave and start building strong cases for compromise. There are few, if any, ‘consequences of Brexit’, just ‘the consequences of the policies that flow from Brexit’. And as it stands, the direction of those policies are being driven hard by an embittered and determined, larger entity.

More predictably, chuckling Euro-psychos were hastily setting their expensed foie gras to one side and gleefully pointing out that all Brexit Ministers have been either kicked out or have resigned. Well, it may not fit in with the Brexit doomsday narrative, but that is, mais oui, the fate of every politician in every political sphere.

Apart from in Brussels, that is.

Nobody ever resigns from the chemin de fer de gravy, and nobody is ever bombed out. Take Slursula von der Liar as a prime example of how any third-rater can carry on regardless at the trough.

The UK Government is undoubtedly bent and hopeless, and we may now thankfully be witnessing the beinning of the end, yet ironically those are the only areas in which they’ve retained any meaningful alignment with the EUSSR.

However this Euro-farce might now stumble on, it will pale into insignificance as Kung Flu continues to wreak havoc. We should now be fast-forwarding to the New Year and the next steps in tackling COVID, which hopefully will not amount to clapping on our doorsteps every Thursday or plunging our little faith into crappy vaccines. More aptly, we should be rewinding our minds to 2020 because we’re about to do the whole lockdown gig over again.

And it won’t end there.

That cycle will simply be continuously repeated until either a supervaccine is developed that trumps it all, or we massively ratchet up the capacity of the NHS.

Neither is probable. COVID is another circle that will not readily be squared. Again, it isn’t COVID causing the problems we’re facing – it’s the pisspoor response to it that has seen to that.

As with Brexit, what doesn’t kill us mutates and keeps coming back for another shot.

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