All Aboard!

Ever wondered what happened to the Black Lives Matter/trans rights/pride/me too/disability advocate/COVID extremist/Remainiac tools?

Yep – they’re all ‘standing with Ukraine’.

If they truly were, they’d be on a plane to Poland or Moldova, crossing the border, snatching up a rifle, and getting busy.

Even Kerry Katona has issued a warning to Putin. Let’s hope she doesn’t go nuclear and issue a new album.

But, hey. Right now, all that crap has blown over, and there is no better bandwagon onto which the usual suspects can hitch, although the citizens of Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Rohinga, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and Kashmir might beg to differ.

Ukraine is however on the EU’s shopping list as an agricultural goldmine, rather than being some shit-kicking backwater occupied by illiterates whose lives aren’t worth a squirt in the headspace of most Europeans, so we are where we are.

Yes, that is the same EU that has been heralded as ‘the world’s most successful peace project’.

They used to love that one in Bosnia.

But back to the ‘stand with’ shizzle.

In a crisis, the only lives that do matter are the ones of hopeless cretins who need to pump up their own self-serving egos. ‘Solidarity’ with Ukraine is the virtue-signalling dish of the day, but it will soon peter out once the fairy dust fades.

The final nail in that coffin will likely be tapped in once the USA or one of its allies sticks their own spoon into another sovereign nation’s Coco Pops. Foreign incursions are after all only ever bad when enemies of the West do them.

Or, even more likely, Russia will be ushered in through the side door once the West starts to feel the pain of its own sanctions or runs out of gas.

It’ll be one of those, or perhaps a element of both blended in with some other nefarious, double-dealing subterfuge.

Strangely, we’ve not heard much from Tony Blair recently, but wait a minute. This is the same Blair who in 2014 – after Russia had forayed into Crimea – implored the West to set aside differences over the Russia/Ukraine squabbling to focus on tackling the threat from radical Islam.

Just like he had when in 2007 he had taken on the role of special envoy to promote peace in the Middle East.

That one never aged well.

As for Putin’s ‘failed invasion’, a forty-mile-long convoy bearing down on Kiev through a 600km corridor of dust and smoke sounds like a pretty determined, solid effort. Sure, lives are going to be lost on all sides, but c’est la guerre.

While taking over Ukraine might prove to be more challenging for Putin than taking over the Republican Party, it’s going to happen.

And it will all blow over more convincingly than a Russian haircut.

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