Fine By Us

Not sure what the furore is about the fixed-penalty notices handed out to the faker and the fakir. Surely there had long since been a shedload of evidence for this cabal’s defenestration before some thick-as-mince plod went down the FPN route for attendance at some office drinkies?

Imagine everybody going mental if Hitler had picked up a speeding fine in 1944? Well, that’s pretty much where we are.

As is now the norm, the loony liberal lickspittle cadre has just whinged on about ‘criminality’ and the like, posted their Twitter tagnuts, and waffled about crowdfunding more doomed descents into courtroom catastrophe.

And they’ve got precisely nowhere. It will all have petered out within the week. That’s what opposition amounts to in this day and age.

And now that Flubberdubber has re-launched Hotel Rwanda, the drama’s not only over, but the Government’s onto a (far-)right winner. The hard rump of the right-wing electorate will surely not dropkick the bloke who’s actually addressing the scrounger shenanigans with such a deliciously brutal Tory special.

The options open to the grasping nomads will now be 1) stay in their own country, 2) settle in a welcoming EU, 3) hand over money to smugglers with the end point being, guffaw, Rwanda, or 4) go straight to Rwanda (do not pass Go! and do not collect £200 from social services).

Now, tell me that’s not a guaranteed majority in the House. A bit harsh on those fleeing Rwanda, though.

Actually, it stomps through the puddles of lefty tears and sticks it right up the social democrat shitter, without even the faintest trace of strawberry lube.

Naturally, Rwanda doesn’t have a bottomless benefits pit, and the designer-clad, iPhone-toting swarm will need to work for a living. On a positive note, though, they’ll be contributing to the diversification of their new homeland and making a meaningful contribution to a developing nation.

And that’s got to be fine with all of us.

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