I’m old enough to remember when Keir Starmer and the new-old-New Labour acolytes whipped themselves into group hysteria at Boris Johnson’s claim that their boss had failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile.

He was only the Director of Public Prosecutions after all – but, as he said, he had no direct responsibility for the case.

We were all doubtless bemused by the latest Labour press campaign,  claiming that Rishi Sunak is failing to send paedophiles to prison.

Could this be the same Labour party that slaughtered Johnson for his claim and the Tory Government for its attempts to undermine the rule of law and the role of judges during the fallout from the Brexit vote?

Yup, that’s them alright.

Hilariously, it has since transpired that, in the course of two years, Starmer as DPP attended twenty-one meetings of the Sentencing Council at which guideline tariffs for such offences were set.

In 2012, on Starmer’s watch, the CPS was audited, and it transpired that 63,000 cases a year were hitting the buffers. Another body found that £25m a year was going down the tubes due to abandoned forays.

Mind you, it wasn’t all doom and gloom – child-sex conviction rates did rise by about 1% from about 74% to 75% during his 5-year tenure.

Knocked. Out. Of. The. Park.

in seemingly unconnected news, I was watching the Snooker this week and couldn’t help thinking of Slur Keir when I saw that bloke jump up on the table. Launching himself centre stage and detonating everything on him in front of a live television audience.

Not to mention leaving himself in perpetual snookers, when clearing up would be a cinch for even a rank amateur.

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