The Sniff Test

Ever wondered why politics seems so baffling? It’s because very little nowadays follows any predictable or logical course.

This week, Rishi Sunak opined that Vlodosmear Zelensky ought to have given an address at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Next, they’ll be haggling for Les Dennis to rock up at the United Nations.

They say that every politician must pass the ‘sniff test’. It’s why Slur Keir has stumbled in the wake of the most chaotic government in living memory. He smells wrong.

This is a Labour leader who refuses to lend support for strikers, students, or working class people. For a long time, it’s been going off like a klaxon.

In recent days, he broke cover, announcing, ‘We are the real Conservatives’. Holy shite, not even the most bent Tory ever faked their entire policy agenda.

Which brings us back to Zelensky. He smells wrong.

This week, he was – with a 30-limo motorcade and an airborne escort of Eurofighter jets – in Italy on the beg for some cash and weapons.

When you’re relying on Italy for that kind of support, it arguably shows just how weary the big players have become.

When you have an entourage like that, you aren’t some humble, peace-loving man of the people.

As they say: elect a clown, expect a circus.

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