It’s LGBT History Month in February, which affords all our cringe-inducing, professional ‘allies’ a gilt-edged opportunity to fling their sagging corpses onto the bandwagon of gay rights and suck up some of that warm spotlight. Corpses? Well, they’re dead to me.

Back in the summer, they had appropriated race equality as their vehicle of choice and had embraced Black Lives Matter, which was of course mega ironic because frankly nothing mattered less to them. Then, they had moved onto Trans rights, which was something of an ideological hot potato and had to be offloaded fast. You see, to the uninitiated, banging on about transitioning and sex status can end in self-conflict. These very same bogus buffoons also throw their weight behind radical feminism when it suits, and in fog of their confusion, they fail to grasp the many intellectual conflicts at play.

All these switch-hitting frauds brazenly flip their online allegiances from one fake cause to another, all in plain sight and convinced that nobody notices. The Internet however keeps its receipts.

That is the true bummer of make-believe protesting – fakers get found out.

Most periodically call it a day because there are always bigger fish to fry. So – via a brief flirtation with autism just prior to Christmas when all these awful, pretentious, faux-outraged turd-people briefly morphed into spectrum hate-speech merchants – it is now back full circle to gay rights. And of course, the commercial world loves the gay thang because they can get to bung up the bunting and trowel up a hefty slice of the pink pound. It is nothing but shameless profiteering. Indeed, it’s a sin.

All of these posing fads peter out precisely because their apparent momentum exists primarily online. While support for the causes appears to grow, in real life next to sod all is happening over and above what was always there in the first place. Even the online crud has legs only while it offers kudos to those who bandy it about. A cause becomes nothing more than a fashion accessory.

In the real world, very little of substance shifts because hearts and minds are not being won by the prevalence of dribbling, superficial posturing. None of it achieves any strength in depth, and the once-hot tickets soon fizzle out. And this is not simply the domain of the social justice warriors. Mainstream politics mirrors this hobby-horse predilection too, as evidenced by monarchy-abolitionist Sir Keith’s current unabashed flirtation with the Union Flag.

Now, here is some food for thought. It is manifestly clear that the UK’s most capable politicians are those espousing independence politics. They know their subject and keep on message, as opposed to the careerists who fudge, fumble, and flee.

They are credible activists.

Just as ordinary Joe Public is repulsed by self-enriching politicians, he also becomes entrenched against the high-profile, aggressive virtue-signalling of the fake activists. Opportunities to educate never get as far as the starting gate because what should be the target audience shuts down the receptors and switches off.

This is no criticism of those who are committed to good-faith, heartfelt struggles. My only gripe is with the ‘allies’ and the slacktivists who are cutting activism off at the knees because they see causes as fashionable stepping stones.

Real activism is when the oppressed lobby, and those in privileged groups listen and use their power to effect change. It is high time that the exploitative shizzle of ‘allies’ and all the other flavours of slacktivist were summarily consigned to the bin.

We might then even start to get somewhere with equality.

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