Every Cloud

Every cement-dust cloud has a silver lining, and that is arguably the case for Jeremy Corbyn this week.

For many years, he has lived under the intangible spectre of antisemitism allegations and to this day remains suspended by the Labour Party for that very reason.

Of course, anybody with a scintilla of cerebral vim must know that Corbyn is not only no racist, but a prominent and diehard, protesting anti-racist. That’s been his main gig for the last 50 years.

His perceived inability to depart from his favoured political pole and to coalesce the party into a closer mish-mash of socialists and bandwagonning faux social democrats was indeed one of the main reasons why opponents never saw him as leadership material.

In essence, Corby’s underlying point here is that criticising Israel is a politically justified and humanitarian position, not one borne of racist sentiment. Just as harsh criticism of Keir Starmer would not be anti-white racism, if you get my drifting drift.

Now – and I make no comment on the rights and wrongs of the current Middle Eastern rocket ping-pong – many of Corbachev’s critics are full-on piling onto Israel.

There is of course nothing wrong with that dissent, which any citizen would be entitled to voice. They might equally be slating the Palestinians for all their doodlebugging and slingshotting, and that would be tickety-boo, too.

It’s all about perspectives, and an uncomplicated, objective position on this confounding question is as imminent as a neat, glistening stool of rocking-horse turd falling to nestle on the nursery floor.

But hang on a minute – doesn’t all this make these vociferous critics of Israel antisemitic?

No. Just as Jezza’s position on Israel’s policies never made him a jew-hater.

In Corbyn’s case, it was – and still is – all political weaponisation with its inherent injustice performing the final knife-twist.

That added dab of viciousness is pretty much the same tactic adopted by the cretins who slap the Nazi label onto Israel. And – hold on to your stomach contents – these are incidentally, broadly speaking, the same gang who had previously punched Ken Livingstone’s ticket for allegedly doing something in the same vein.

The sickly ho-hum of hypocrisy should by now be wafting past if we in our domestic politics had not already been retching our tonsils through the gaps in our teeth for what seems like an eternity.

How tragic that Israel’s current strategy has been emboldened by those who, for purely political purposes, have for so long stymied any meaningful criticism of them.

Who knows what a hefty, earlier slice of integrity might have subsequently prevented in recent weeks?

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