Ooh, Ooh – The Israelites

It looks like the handbags are out in the Middle East in a simmering conflict that is going to go on and on until the planet finally overheats and dies.

Predictably, Israel is the object of international condemnation for its ‘disproportionate’ response to Hamas rocket attacks.

The logic seems weird: the Palestinians are going to send over a few hundred rockets, but Israel can send only a few hundred back.

Premier League football fans might now want to pile onto Manchester City for their manifest unreasonableness in accumulating way more points this season than Sheffield United, the bottom club.

Clearly, the way City played their matches was disproportionate to the approach of their opponents.

Bonkers, but the Gaza griping mirrors that argument precisely.

You would think that waging war is the ultimate big boys’ game that is conducted in accordance with big boys’ rules. And all’s fair in love and war.

What is more, if you are shooting hand grenades through pieces of broken drainpipe over the fence at a wealthy, hi-tech, nuclear power, you can expect something a tad meatier to hurtle back in the opposite direction.

A country that is faced from all sides with the perpetual threat of being wiped off the surface of the earth probably feels that nothing short of a decisive victory is proportionate.

And that’s about where this gig is at.

The world had better wake up right now to the fact that there’s never going to be another Shoah, and any threat to Zion is going to be warded off with just a bit more than a couple of shitty sticks.

It is of course justifiable to say that something has to be wrong if innocent civilians are losing their lives. Furthermore, there may indeed be some serious injustices in Israel and the occupied territories regarding settlements and the social order. But these criticisms regarding proportionality in response to a shed load of angry rockets seem to smack of bad faith.

As ever, there is plenty of solid-ar-i-dee in the air for Hamas, particularly from the UK’s lickspittle left. It’s a shame that they have never showed the same solidarity to the victims of institutionalised antisemitism in the Labour Party.

I wonder why not?

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