Trite Said Fred

I was never a committed cheerleader of the lockdowns, but even less supportive of the fact that the decisions to enter them and then exit them have continually been based on bonkers logic.

We’re now shelving 100% of restrictions after 69% of the adult population has been vaccinated. You don’t need to be a numbers wizard to see how the underlying thought process must be warped.

To hammer home the absurdity, world-famous respiratory experts Right Said Fred have tritely slammed concerns by their scientist peers (ahem), and they’re stealing the headlines.

Don’t knock it, though – this is right on brand.

It’s a sign of the times that washed-up entertainers are spearheading political opposition in the absence of any mainstream leader with any clout.

All we need now is a fruity rendition of Deeply Dippy by Professors Vallance and Whitty, and those clubs can start back up with a swing while also closing the loop on our island asylum shambles.

Whether they are right or wrong, we must be manifestly shafted if the Freds have a higher profile than the Labour Party regarding the most significant crisis of the last seventy-five years.

It all makes you want to stick a flare up your jacksie and hope for the best, which is a somewhat apt leitmotif for the pandemic response itself.

Oh yeah – somebody did try that a few days ago.

Happy Freedom Day!

Sadly, the decisions of the last eighteen months have in fact made us less free that ever before.

Can anybody step in and lead us out of the mess?

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