Crazy Paving

Without making any comment on the merits of Brexit, it is mesmerising that an advisory referendum reflected an inexorable path, whereas a treaty bound in international law represents a starting point for ongoing negotiation.

We seem to be lacking one clear reference point to anchor our logic. It’s a double-jabbed post-fact existence that makes anything possible.

And that’s a scary prospect.

Meanwhile, mad Mekon Demonic Bumblings has made his most significant intervention yet. This time it’s not another thunderbolt leak that further consolidated the chaos we all know and love. It was a subtle revelation that much of the Vote Leave strategising had been no more than a wind-up of the liberal elite.

That’s a delicious drop of ju-ju juice, right there.

It’s deft preparation for a backlash against fatsack when the Brexit and COVID chickens converge on the winding journey back to the roost. The bumbling albinoid’s selfish ambition has been well-documented, as seasoned observers still experience a form of acid reflux every time his incompetence becomes even more prominent.

Indeed, it is the kind of self-centred obsession that is shared my most, but not all, high-profile political players. We are awash with multi-millionaires publicly espousing causes while continuing to boost their personal wealth off the back of their pet problems. Boris Johnson is not exceptional in that respect.

However, if it is ultimately accepted that the accidental victory in the referendum arose from some elitist parlour game, we are not just talking about charlatanry but a senseless charlatanry that paved the way to Number 10 at a time of national emergency. We may well come to the view that we ended up in the trickiest period in our history because a gang of ponces were having a laugh. That might just tilt the balance of public support against the bonkers blancmange.

And while it goes against form, I have a feeling that Dombledore might just carry this off.

The whole revelations piece from Dumbonic has the feel of a murder-suicide. He has acquired the freedom to pepper accounts of his own conduct with contradictions, confusion, and chaos. Nobody is going to contradict his admissions, and therefore mud will stick, albeit not straight away. And as the PM’s chief adviser, this all calls into question the judgement and capability or our part-time head of government. It’s a highly effective way to land damaging blows – the full confession of the co-defendant who hasn’t done a deal. In fact, it’s the only way for somebody freshly banished to the wilderness not to seem as if they’re on a psycho revenge mission.

He’s paving the way to his own glorious conclusion.

It might not have come to fruition yet, but all that might change when real consequences of Government mismanagement hit home on a wide enough scale. At that point, all these carefully dropped puzzle pieces will be picked up and put together. It’s a key component of our post-fact, chaotic existence that mud sticks not on the basis of its truth but its usefulness or any desire to see it fit the discourse of the day.

The problem for all of us is that we’ll have to hit rock-bottom first.

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