Ping Pong

You’d have to have a heart stone not to laugh like a drain. The Government set up a track-and-trace app, but there’s a growing concern that too many people are being pinged and are self-isolating.

It’s the pingdemic.

Let’s just recap: the Government put a system in place and asked the public to use it. The same public was also requested less than a week ago to exercise their judgement. Now they are, its being labelled a concern.

When the hospitals were overwhelmed with COVID, the problem was COVID. If businesses are being overwhelmed by absence of self-isolating workers, the problem is COVID.

Unless of course they have no need to self-isolate. Then the problem is policy.

The real overarching issue is that our Government blunderbusses tactical measures and calls whatever lands well the target. Unfortunately, they succeed largely only in bussing in blunders.

They rushed into lockdowns on false premises and exited them simarly.

Any bleating about citizens having deleted the app because they foresaw the insanity of the process only serves to highlight the extent to which this clown coterie is behind the curve.

And that’s not mention the inevitable gaming of the tests themselves by schoolchildren, which has demanded the level of scrutiny normally reserved for an Olympic piss probe just to keep basic-level monitoring within the remotely valid ballpark.

The only folk breathing a sigh of relief right now are the woeful retailers and busineses who now have the perfect excuse for their abysmally shitflute service provision. This may at least buy them a few months to work out how to stich together something that at least passes for a service of sorts.

From utilities, broadband/TV, retail, transport, and public services, I’d put out the bunting just to get a fundamentally shite service because that would be a paradigm shift upwards from where we are now.

As for the pingdemic? It’s just another puff of smoke to disguise systemic failures that transcend Government and extend into the fabric of the organisational structures supporting UK society.

They cannot get rid of the stink, though.

It’s not just the incompetence. Big business has rinsed this pandemic from behind a swathe of awfully disingenuous ‘we’re here to keep you safe’ emails.

We’re drowning in a cesspit, and it won’t get better until some of the larger turds get flushed.

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