Shut Your Cakehole

It’s a funny old world. Droning, bleeding hearts are seeing their piss boiled by current issues with supply chains and highlighting these as a direct consequence of Brexit while also bemoaning the challenges faced by EU citizens currently domiciled in the UK.

Two sets of inevitable consequences of Brexit – one for I-told-you-so gloating and the other for some hysterical posturing.

Cake, anyone?

It’s even more frustrating than hurling all evidence of service-sector incompetence into the COVID black hole, which appears to be our new national pastime.

There’s nothing like falling back on the concept of inevitability and false causality to draw oversimplified, partisan conclusions.

As I have documented before, any hardships or difficulties that can be linked to Brexit are not the consequences of Brexit but the consequences of decisions made by both sides on how to address Brexit.

Between these, there is all the difference in the world. In itself, Brexit has no other implication than the UK leaving.

Similarly, COVID never caused poor service — pisspoor business and organisations bestowed that upon us through the absence of adequate business continuity planning.

The world is a complex place, and phenomena will always stem from a myriad of factors.

That won’t likely curtail the charlatan bleating, though, even if they should all shut their cake holes and start acquainting themselves with facts.

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