Pig Out

Wayne Couzens never shattered confidence in the police. Brutal criminal thugs bullying the public on fake public order raps, sly dogs secreting themselves in hedges with their speed guns, and mincing lavender fluffballs in their rainbow-decalled pandas sealed that one long ago.

We can dwell on the Everard episode, but spare a thought for all the other young men and women who have been cuffed and stuffed by bent cops brandishing their ever-hard truncheons and carted off to have large chunks of their lives sliced away. Those officers pick up gongs and gargantuan pensions rather than whole-life tariffs.

That speaks of society more than a solitary one-off, and the shame is that nobody has ever really addressed that for generations.

Yes, the Met Commissioner should resign but not for this. Calling for her head because one rotten apple slipped into the barrel misses the glaringly obvious point that every profession harbours villains.

Bomb her out for being hopelessly incompetent and allowing the London streets to fall into terminal decline, and we’ll all start to converge onto the right page.

As for inquiries into wrong’uns slipping through the net, Keir Starmer should disappear back under his opportunist rock and look closer to home. More women will die in this country as a result of his strategically sly accession to the top opposition job than in the woods of Kent. It guarantees the continuation of the charlatan cabal at the heart of Government and robs us all of hope.

Disturbingly but wholly expectedly, the devotees of faux outrage are out in force, pigging out on tragedy, slamming everybody and everything, and using this crime to bolster their own follower counts.

Some are moronically encouraging gullible women to resist arrest by a lone male cop, which in itself is a one-way ticket to a criminal record.

Confusingly, some police services are now banning plain-clothes male officers from operating alone. Perhaps somebody should advise them that Couzens was not operating as an undercover cop – he was a criminal who flashed a card and slapped the cuffs onto the hapless victim just as any predatory fiend might have done.

It’s all just grim gesture politics.

What a shame that the murder of Sabina Nessa never garnered such opprobrium from those who, less than eighteen months ago, were bleating about black lives not mattering.

Well, to the bandwagon lemmings, they don’t. It’s all about them.

No doubt, they’ll all soon be blaming it on Brexit.

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