Move On – Nothing To See Here…

The clock is already ticking on the new fad of calling out violence against women and girls, particularly on the part of police officers.

Give it a couple of weeks, and the slacktivists who are desperate to claw in a few more Twitter followers will have slithered away to the next ‘hot topic’. By way of reference, how many time have you seen Black Lives Matter feature in recent months?

That movement (no pun intended) is now as dead in the water as the import always was.

As previously noted, the Met Police are indeed hopeless, and they do need to look specifically into how big, bad Wazza slipped past the vetting officers. This case alone does not however exemplify the failings of the police service. There’s a meatwagon load of evidence for that, which could have been adduced at any time since the organisation was founded.

The banshee bandwagoners have nevertheless relentlessly pursued their post-fact course. By the same logic, activists should have been calling for the heads of the DVSA senior management team or its precursor(s) since 1935 when the driving test was introduced, given their licensing of every single driver who has ever directly caused a motor accident. They might even have been clamouring for speeding to be classed as seriously as terrorism.

Well, some parish councils do, to be fair.

They of course haven’t, because road crime cannot be easily demarked along gender lines. It cannot be harnessed to cause division.

Let’s see some woeful, hopeless MP stand up and read out all those crash-victim names in the House. Not a hope of that, even though far more deaths have ensued on the roads than on remote Kentish woodlands.

All this current hullabaloo is of course not remotely connected to any form of serious campaigning. It’s all about self-publicity and personal gain.

People of both biological sexes commit crimes against the other. Those crimes are punishable by law.

Sure, work to tackle sexism needs to continue on both sides, and that’s all about ongoing progress.

However, anybody who denies the existence of female-on-male stalking and violence has arguably never posed a direct question on the point to a police officer. They’ve probably not ventured out for a beer in a city-centre pub on a Friday night either.

Of course, the fake foghorns know this but omit it from their trite tripe as it fails to fit their bonkers narrative.

The nation needs to come to its senses and kibosh the hysterical generation of moral panic churned out by those pretending to lead change.

They are the problem for creating the shadowy bogeymen who lurk in every dark corner. They are directly harming those who are consequentlive under a clod of apprehension. It’s them not us.

We can all then get back to the pressing issues of getting this country back on its feet.

Move on – nothing to see here.

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