Plane Sailing

The stragegy of accusing the Government of ‘people trafficking’ themselves is straight out of the Nazi ‘Big Lie’ playbook. It’s a belter so humongous that no one would believe that someone could have had the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. And it’s doubtless a fresh incarnation of the old standby of A accusing B of exactly what B claims to be battling in order to inject a tidy spritz of hypocrisy, not to mention a sense of injustice, into B’s position.

The faux social democracy pretenders did precisely this to Corbyn when they accused him of racism. Now they’re at it again.

The old Hotel Rwanda jape is however not such a bad gig after all. If we’re being generous with our assessment of the Gucci gang’s motivations, escaping from alleged persecution in a particular place is the question here, not having to get to a specific destination. Rocking up in Bongo-Bongoland should therefore not be any different to ending up in Croydon.

Amd to boot, it’s safe and free of charge.

What’s not to like?

And what’s more, it’ll arguably be a tad less hazardous ongoing than skulking around South London. Whatever the scaremongers suggest, the new Pilgrims are not going to be forced to wear bones through their noses or stabbed up for wearing the wrong coloured baseball cap.

Make no mistake though, the ‘great persecuted’ wouldn’t be complaining if this expenses-free jaunt were to Ibiza, would they? After all, they all loved it when they pitched up in Kos a few years back. The Greek benefits system didn’t pass muster, but the salty sailors made up for it by ransacking local homes and businesses and brutalising the locals.

The crux of the current handbags at twelve paces is this: Rwanda is crying out for migrants keen to work hard, pay taxes, and help them develop the country.

Those crying out now about the scheme understand full well that the boat-bobbers aren’t up for that. You don’t get fistfuls of dollars and an expanded Sports Direct wardrobe from the Rwandan Government, do you?

It should be plane sailing – just pack out those jumbos, get them off the tarmac, and let those of us with a genuine stake in the UK’s success crack on with our own rebuild.

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