Crisp Incher

A few months ago, Custard Bag overhauled the team in The Cabinet Office in order to design out habitual gaffing, and an integral part of the incoming administrative A-team was Chris Pincher.

That didn’t age well.

He’s now copped his P45 after having a couple of beers and groping a pair of hairly blokes, like you do. That’s arguably the most Liberal (with a large L) thing that any Tory has done in the recent memory.

I’m amazed that Sir Ed Davey hasn’t already adorned him with a Pride garland, a pronouns name badge, and shipped him off to Ramadan prep.

Slur Ed would have garnered more plaudits for whistling up Layla Morgan to give him a slap.

The signs were all there whichever way you might have been inclined to read it. He was always a going to be a pincher, and likely someone who would whip out his crisp incher.

He has now lost the whip but has been allowed to keep the gimp mask and ball gag.

When they appoint John Mong-Felcher as his replacement, it will really start to get really fruity.

Mind you, lunging uninvited for a package or two is hardly in the same ballpark (pun intended) as wholesale corruption and institutionalised criminality.

Yet again, while the pincher fell on his (pork) sword, the wrong person has left the building.

Guys, that’s how it rolls now.

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