Lez We Forget

Another day, another bandwagon. And so the Women’s Euros came to pass.

If people want to celebrate a gang of lesbians playing in slow-mo to the standard of a very average regional non-league team, that’s fine. But let’s not confuse it with sporting excellence.

Just for context, in 2017 the US team played a match against the FC Dallas U15s team and got spanked 5-2. That was the reigning – and four-times – world champions.

And now, everybody’s banging on about equal pay.

Oh dear.

Or is that, ‘Oh, Dear’?

It’s one of the two.

The FC Dallas U15s incidentally aren’t haggling for a pay rise, because slaughtering their women’s team is no great shakes.

They’re probably still embarrassed about the two goals they conceded.

Girls playing football is great, just as boys playing rounders can be fun, but let’s get back in the room. This camp jamboree triumph was on a par with winning a certificate and a packet of crayons at the local kiddies six-a-side.

As ever, it is an event that was marked not by the achievement but by the lame bandwagon-jumping associated with it.

I would challenge any of the now-effusive slowball enthusiasts lauding the victory to pick the trophy out of a line-up. I certainly couldn’t.

When it comes down to it, nobody gives a toss about this gig in football terms. The competition had no intrinsic value but was symbolic for yet another boring outing for those pushing another pointless, self-serving agenda.

Men feel they have to acknowledge it in order to avoid upsetting their wives, sisters, and mothers. Attacking women’s balling has now – through campaigning and lobbying – attained a false equivalence with misongyny.

The only pressing in the women’s game is the relentless effort to get it column inches.

Women’s football will never take off, because its tedious to watch and frankly shite. You can watch bloated, beered-up geezers huffing and puffing themselves to a better class of football down the local park.

So, for the record, it’s still 56 years since England won a major international football tournament. And even longer since any woman was able to successfully explain the offside rule.

More pertinently, I’d be more interested to know how many of the 17m TV audience would have beaten their wives if the team had lost?

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