Kwasi Little Thing Called Gov

It’s been a grim couple of weeks here in UK with the passing of The Queen. We’ve been celebrating the life of a consummate professional devoted to public service, which to be fair is something of a culture shock.

And nobody has captured the disposition of this Conservative Government better than Kwasi Kwarteng.

Well, we’re assuming it’s his name, and somebody has not just let go of an elastic band.

As the new Chancellor, he looks an even worse fit than his own glasses.

Kwasi name, Kwasi guy.

And that’s not just Elmer Fudd’s position.

Whether he was taking a call during the two minutes’ silence or was simply ripped to the tits, who knows? None of the mainstream outlets reported it, which is one phat reason why this gang of crooks always seems to come through unscathed.

Michael Foot is probably looking down wondering what would have happened, had the Chancer of the Exchequer worn a donkey jacket to the gig?

Yep, nothing.

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