The greatest challenge to mocking this current government is that real life has trumped satire.

Even when Crazy Kwasi was being hailed back from the US to meet his fate, the airline moved him out of business into economy and performed one final U-turn before landing.

Ultimately, a guy whose first national exposure was as a contestant on University Challenge muttering ‘f*ck’ under his breath will probably be recalled in later years as a yellow-segment decider in a game of Trivial Pursuit, or some other Kwasi quiz.

Now it’s our turn to exclaim ‘f*uck’, but nobody’s muttering it. We’re screaming it into the ether.

The only person to have lasted less time in the job was Iain MacLeod, who in 1970 was abruptly taken out by a bitch of a heart attack.

Farteng was abruptly taken out by a heartless bitch.

Hilariously, this followed the faithful implementation of plans that the two of them had spent a political lifetime concocting. Mind you, I was personally astounded that any bus was actually running for him to be thrown under.

History may well reflect that the only Chancellor who had damaged the UK more was Hitler.

There used to be a dry adage about there being only two types of Chancellor: poor ones and those who got out in time.

Kwasi may well turn out to be both.

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