Indian Giver

So, there we have it: Rishi Sunak is the new prime minister.

He is not of course the UK’s first ethnic minority PM – that honour went to Disraeli who was top Jew before top dude.

As for what the bijou berk might bring, he’s screams stability only via his personal low centre of gravity.

David Cameron has been slapping his own pimpled back for his prediction a decade ago that the Conservatives would be the first to install a British-Asian PM not bad for 50-50 shot with an entirely open-ended timeframe.

What a shame he wasn’t as prescient with regard to the Brexit referendum.

As it stands, a grateful nation is left with the standard outcome of a rushed process: a compromise with which nobody is entirely pleased and a shedload of bitter in-fighting round the corner.

Still, he will at least be already up to speed with the economic disaster he now needs to fix.

He caused it.

He’ll now stagger full circle from the mass COVID handouts of the last few years to a programme of austerity, which will make him the highest-profile Indian giver of all time.

Happy Diwali!

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