Bad Actors

On the first anniversary of the war in the Ukraine, it’s worth reflecting on how much this squabble has warped perceptions and skewered objectivity.

While reporting on Putin’s rally, a reporter from Sky News categorically stated that the Donbas region was part of the Ukraine and not Russia, which although a valid opinion is hardly an objective fact.

Similarly, prominent politicians have warned how China arming Russia would be a grave escalation, while Europe and the US sending weapons to Kiev is defending democracy.

Yes, there is never an underlying consistency in a partisan argument.

The biggest weapon in the Ukraine this week has undoubtedly been Boris Johnson. Talk about bringing your cause into disrepute. On the other hand, given the corruption and the autocracy, perhaps the Custard Bag’s presence was pure dolce et decorum.

Barring Johnson, the elephant in the room is World War Three, which for Zelensky is the ultimate endgame.

Tucked up in his Polish bunker, the penis-piano-playing Prez, is nothing more than an instrument of total destruction.

What does the end result matter to him, a multi-millionaire in exile enjoying EU pomp and hospitality?

He’s alright, Jacques.

It’s as if the world has forgotten that the bloke is a professional actor, who had initially put himself forward for the presidency as a stunt and was elected as a popular protest.

Well, nobody’s laughing now.

Imagine Mr Bean getting elected, putting on khakis, and going full-tilt amphet mental in Whitehall, and you’re pretty close to how it’s really been unfolding in Kiev.

The real war for the West will be pulling back from the brink and not screwing itself fighting someone else’s battles.

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