Snatch of the Day

Good evening.

Match of the Day will still be showing tomorrow but some soli-dar-idee will mean action only and no expert punditry.

Business as usual then.

I’m personally torn on this issue. I passionately support freedom of speech, but witnessing the  Leftwaffe’s kamikazes ploughing into empty fields without shots being fired makes my ring tingle.

What a shame there was no solidarity for Matt Le Tissier when he chucked in his tuppence on the COVID debacle. But then again, there were few virtue-signalling brownie points for a critique of the bug, whereas your average boat-bobber is the new black.

Or the new tranny, if you like.

And no mincing vigil at all for Jeremy Clarkson for simply disclosing his desire to fling some brown bombs at Smegan Sharkle.

Meanwhile, the other famous Meg – Mystic Meg – died unexpectedly this week.

Well, we never saw it coming, but I’m sure she did.

Looks like Gary didn’t, though.

Still, there are bound to be loads of Qatari and Saudi gigs available for the MOTD team, with the bonus of a permanent exclusion order on Alex Scott.

Now, that would be the football highlight of the year that needs no further commentary.

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