In the Beginning…

…there was light.

It all started off during my career in outsourced contact centres where I spent almost as much time people-watching the assorted gaggles of crooks and shysters as I did on my day job. I decided a long time ago to write a book but for many years did not get past it being just a collection of snippets and anecdotes.

I then started to think more about the ‘why’ and this unique world with its specific cultural and societal context. And so, Flypaper for Freaks was conceived. It’s a hefty tome, but comprehensive and really a double album. Everything you would want to know about the subject is in there.

There are other (good) books out there on contact centres, but this is the first that looks at the specifics of BPO outsourcing and from multiple perspectives. From feedback received, there’s a bonus that readers have found much of it transferable to other industries and circumstances.

Just when I thought that I had witnessed peak workplace chicanery, I moved into Recruitment. And that unearned fresh, untapped treasures from the caverns of charlatanic tomfoolery. Cue my next project.

Freaking Hired! provides an insight into recruitment processes, how they work and how to navigate your way through them without losing your mind. Most of all, it’s a self-help text. It demonstrates that candidate anxiety and frustration stem from the incompetence of others. It’s not you, it’s them.

And the next instalment? Well, that depends on the madness that next unfolds.

Stay tuned.

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