Slacking Off

Ever wondered why the struggle for autism rights is like pushing water uphill with a fork?

Look no further than the scorched-earth, slacktivist absolutism of self-centred, butthurt, keyboard warriors. I found this out when I had the temerity to question the vitriolic criticism of a film that none of the froth-mouthed slogan-jockeys had even watched.

They just ‘know’ that it will be harmful.

A miniscule minority did engage thoughtfully, and I reciprocated with further thoughts and took some points on board. Most of the comments were however unbridled hate, albeit hugely hilarious and amusing, sobbing tirades from fee-fi-faux fragments of the self-medicated, unhinged, wacko wing.

Anyway, we know why the space cadets flare up as they do – facts and rationale will always spook the charlatans, and it is always much cosier for the soundbite-dweebs to hitch their straitjackets to the cancel culture bandwagon. If real change were the goal, they would set out their arguments and educate the purportedly uninitiated. But these cracked-up clowns don’t look outwards, only inwards. They lack the requisite broad horizons to appreciate that a wider world exists beyond their own shit-kicking angst, or at least they dread the prospect of it.

Activism must by definition be realist and pragmatic. Justice does not happen with a magic wand. Activists have to engage with opposing perspectives, win hearts and minds, and ultimately arguments. And facts are integral to that.

Shouting, ‘Fuck off!’ does not really cut it.

Any activist possessing a critical mass of moderately functional grey matter does not demand ‘acceptance’ before firstly paving the way with hard graft to support ‘awareness’. Should they have to? Well, in an ideal, egalitarian world, no. But any person of sound mind knows that activism is by definition a response to injustice. So activists have to get real because the big bad world is not going to cave in on a whim.

That self-evident nugget of wisdom has not yet sunk in with the screeching, foot-stamping, hobbyist groupies lurking at the fringes of the autism debate. They cannot fathom why an unequal society will not just become immediately enlightened in the wake of their next pill-popped psychotic episode.

Yes, they really are that dim.

Of course, slacktivist wackos don’t want progress. They covet only their acquired identity because that defines them. Engaged debate represents a risk to that position, not least because it would then become clear that their commitment is to themselves and not their cause.

So, they opt to just flame. It’s the classic ad hominen defence mechanism of thought-policing. Playing the man, not the ball. And so they ranted themselves hoarse. ‘You haven’t done your research’, or via a comma splice and some blunderbuss grammar, ‘You’re writings shit’.

Most hateful is the common tactic of ‘cancelling’ the diagnosis of any dissenting autistic person, declaring that such people ‘do not know what autistic people think‘. It is difficult to imagine more reprehensible, darker politics, but this has been a recurring feature of the fanatical reaction to the Sia affair.

Yes, it has been entertaining to see these pasty, asinine bottom-feeders simultaneously triggering and burying themselves, but the concomitant is alienation beyond the ‘community’. And therein lies the tragedy.

The same verbal brutality was adopted by the Black Lives Matter posers, and look how that all petered out. Once it had lost its chic, it was drop-kicked in favour of the next activist fad. Nobody ever embedded the arguments.

All the shameless virtue-signalling shysters were too busy denouncing alternative perspectives as ‘voice appropriation’ while monopolising the argument with their own marginal and crass simplifications in order to appropriate the voice of ‘their‘ community. The irony was as lost on the BLM fakers as it is now on the hissy-fitting frauds clinging to the coat tails of the autism wrangle.

Indeed, from their Twitter feeds, most of the foghorn wingdings slating Sia had never previously posted on autism issues. Their history charts a journey of spittle-fuelled blow-ups on BLM through to trans-rights tantrums. And it looks like the bullshit bus has now moved on to a new stop. In a few months’ time, the fickle frauds will be banging the drum exclusively for gay rights, and their autism diagnoses will be whistling in the wind while they regale us with their bogus coming-out yarns.

Half of them cannot even get past the use of the autism puzzle motif, simply because they have assigned their own narrow, absolutist interpretation to it. They probably just read a tweet or two and latched onto it because it sounded hip, without ever troubling their peabrains with a spot of critical thinking.

Well, perhaps we should expect symbolic activism to fixate on symbols. There’s not a lot more to it, after all.

At least, on this occasion, we can cast spoilt, butthurt children in the spoilt, butthurt children roles.

They ought to be happy with that.

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  1. THIS.THIS.THIS!. For so long, the discussion about autism has been hi-jacked by the fakes. Long may this common sense prevail!


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