Closed Shops

Well, that didn’t last long. The European Super League has received the red card, but that will likely not be the end of it.

For now, the Big Six can return to the Premier League where they can revert to sucking up cash, buying in the best players, and operating without fear of relegation.

One closed shop closes, and all the other ones remain open, so to speak.

It appeared to have escaped the collective consciousness that the working-class soul had been sucked out of the game generations ago. Fast forward 7 decades, and we have the same monopoly under a new guise. The Super League was simply an alternative expression of the age-old thirst for money and power that will never fade.

As they say, though, timing is everything.

Everybody needs a hate figure and a focus for their anger, and fresh off the back of a year or so of COVID repression, the masses vented through the most convenient valve.

It’s a crying shame that Government malpractice doesn’t ignite ire to the same degree.

Of course, were that supporter indignation pure, the English Premier League would have been toppled by the fans back in the 1990s. Manchester City at the very least would have been drummed out for their wholesale disregard of the financial fair play rules.

So for the moment, it’s back to replica shirts, merchandise, season tickets, TV sports subscriptions, and hospitality for the fans, and all that dough will continue to flow into gazillionaire owners’ wallets.

Better the closed shop we know.

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