Confirmation by Arse

So, the Downing Street interior decoration bill appears to have rattled some cages. Not sure why, because it’s not as if Johnson has pocketed the cash. He can’t take it all with him once he’s gone. At worst, he’s frittered some dough, but you would have thought that he’d have just done it himself, given his expertise in papering over the cracks.

Fat Sack might be an incorrigible shitflute and absolutely deserves to be bombed out, but it needs to be done cleanly on the evidence.

Potentially most damaging will be the incendiary claims about alleged comments about his indifference to body counts, but the wider context to this will raise more eyebrows.

All of a sudden, those who had historically slated Cummings as a degenerate charlatan are now taking all his recent allegations as gospel.

More political cake.

Psychologists would call that confirmation bias. Joe Public will likely see it as slack, lazy opportunism.

Either way, it’s all a pile of turd.

What a shame that the claims of a disgruntled ex-employee have achieved greater traction than any official opposition activity.

Why can’t they make the meaty, evidence-backed claims of corruption stick? Well, it’s because our opposition parties are as incompetent as the Tory cabal is bent.

We are all however going to have to be careful about what we wish for.

As for Gove, well, loathe him or hate him, he’s one sneaky shyster who might just have sufficient nous to worm us all nicely out of this steaming, stenchful mound of new normal brownstuff.

And if we are even slightly smiling out of the corners of our mouths upon that prospect, we truly have fallen to an unspeakable low.

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