Stella Heights

Keith’s excruciating week has not got any better – he tried to sack Angela Rayner and ended up giving her three new jobs.

Of course, he was lambasted for bombing out a working-class woman, but his critics failed to acknowledge that these were precisely the characteristics that had propelled her to such stellar heights in the first instance.

She had hardly been elevated for either her cerebral prowess or her ready wit, had she?

This of course made a change from the Stella heights that are the norm in her own constituency where two cans of psycho brew are routinely shotgunned as a prelude to a hot lunch.

What is most staggering is that she doesn’t even make the effort to up her game. While Starmzy was banging on about the Queen’s speech, she was transfixed on her mobile.

Fiddling with her phone while the gnome burned.

That’s one of the problems with tokenist gestures. The grateful recipients end up getting high in their own supply. When the time comes to pull the plug, everybody cries foul and fails to see the elephant in the room.

They’re all crap, and the legacy of their presence is a trail of botched policies and electoral failure.

It was very much a similar story when Slursula got short shrift from Erdoğan in Turkey. The cries of misogyny drowned out what was manifestly evident: she was simply viewed as a waste of space and was being sidestepped.

Look at the Labour front bench now – packed out with all manner of Angies and Ursulas of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

And Starmer has to keep scraping the barrel deeper and deeper.

A truly shadow opposition.

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