Gueye Bashing

Spare a thought today for Idrissa Gueye, who is about to have his career curtailed by the thought Nazis for pulling back from the abyss of virtue-signalling hell and refusing to take one for the team.

It’s been the most controversial LGBT issue in sport since the Green Bay Packers relocated from the town of Fudge.

His crime? Apparently opting not to squeeze into rainbow colours in support of the LGBT community.

And why should he? Nobody should be forced to wear the symbol of any cause if they don’t want to, end of. We’ve had to bear enough of that turgid tripe with the annual Nuremberg rally of poppy stormtroopers descending on our town centres, banging on about wars that they only ever read about in comic books.

In this case, of course, the player is being vilified by those who give even less of a toss about gay rights than he probably does. They’re just on the big ‘ole batty bandwagon because it’s commercially and socially expedient to be there, and the tricky baller is the fall guy whose ostracism will serve to bolster their bullshit credentials.

It’s in fact in the interest of the buttski brownshirts to maintain the status quo because homophobia provides them with a permaplatform for their dismal dissembling.

The faux furore is straight out of the virtue-signalling, fake-ally handbook and will likely leave a worse taste in your mouth than a jizz gazpacho. It’s all about them, the snide shysters who readily don their brown hats, not the bandits at 3 o’clock. It’s one rock-hard reason why a presumably civilised society never gets to bottom out its searing inequalities.

If football’s fruit flies were true to their word, there wouldn’t be a homophobia problem in the game. Kitmen would feel more self-confident when lifting shirts – onto the team coach – and there would be infinitely fewer sniggers about ‘deep balls’ and ‘sliding tackles from behind’.

Lamentably, with the frauds and the fakes, there’s always a crock of shit at the end of the rainbow.

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